Livery Options 

At Woodruffe we offer both a Full and Part livery service, along with a range of extra services to meet the needs of both horses and owners. Part livery owners can “upgrade” as required to the Full livery service at any time and for any period. We are happy to discuss your specific requirements and can tailor a livery package adding additional services as required to meet your needs. 

Full Livery

This service includes all care covering mucking out, turning out and bringing your horse in from the field and feeding of the horse on a daily basis. This also include exercising your horse. This type of livery is ideal for the busy horse owner whose schedule does not permit them to care for their horse on a day to day basis.

Part Livery

With Part livery day to day care of the horse is shared by the owner and yard staff. Our staff will providing all the essential care your horse requires, mucking out, turning out and feeding (with hard feeds and hay/haylage included). Owners take responsibility for exercising and additional care and grooming of their horses. This suits the owner who want to spend more time with their horse

The table below provides details of the services included in the Full and Part livery packages:

Optional Extras
A range of additional services are available on request including:
  • Additional time on the Horse walker

  • Extra Turnout

  • Bring in early/turnout late

  • Tack Cleaning

  • Mane/tail Pulling

  • Clipping

  • Show preparation

  • Handling for farriers/vets etc.

  • Nursing for any sick/injured horse

  • Lorry/Trailer Parking

  • Provision of supplements, additional or specialist feeds

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to assist you and ensure that both you and your horse enjoy the best possible levels of care and service at Woodruffe.

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